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In this week’s Community Feature, we speak to WYZchef’s CEO, Nilo Quiroz the CEO, John Villon the CFO, Carole Martinez the CMO and Vaibhav Garg the CTO. WYZchef is a data-driven platform for event organisers to make better decisions about food caterers.

Who is WYZchef?

Hi, we are WYZchef! Our team consists of Nilo (CEO) from Mexico, John (CFO) from Peru, Carole (CMO) from France, and Vaib (CTO) from India. As you can see we are a very diverse team.

WYZchef is a B2B marketplace that helps companies to order corporate food quickly. We also help restaurants with all their problems in delivery, marketing, and sales.

Team WYZchef at Singapore Women Entrepreneur Summit 2019

How does WYZchef work?

For customers

There are two options when you go to WYZchef actually. You can order like in any other aggregator, where you select your caterer and do the order, or we can order for you. If we order for you, it’s really quick. It takes literally 5 minutes. Simply fill up a form, and our algorithm will get back to you within 1 to 3 hours with 3 quotes from different vendors.

For caterers

For restaurant owners or caterers, they will have access to specific tools when they are logged in, and on the same platform, they will be able to manage your social media, e-marketing, operations, and finance. This creates convenience while consolidating data for business owners.

What is your secret sauce?

So, our secret sauce is the environment of learning that we have created in our company. For example, we have developed this recommendation engine that helps corporates in ordering food from us quickly and easily. We also have the tools for our partner restaurants and caterers to help them in their day-to-day operations.

What is your main challenge?

So one of our main challenges here, since we are growing very fast, and it is difficult to find talent that is able to help us with the sales side and development side.

And to overcome that, we try to be involved in any kind of events to look for the best talents in the tech industry. For example, when there are events related to artificial intelligence (AI), we attend them to meet as many people as possible. It also helps when we are incubated at BLOCK71 – where we get access to many engineers that are well versed in the study of AI.

Through an event last month, we actually met a great talent. She is the first one to join the WYZ team and she is a very good addition to the team. So yeah, I would say events that target specific communities are very good source of talents.

Currently, WYZchef is looking for talents in development, as I have said, sales – if you are a good salesman, please call us, and marketing.

What’s next for WYZchef?

What we want next is to continue helping every single admin, or every single person outside in the ordering process. To put it simply, we want to help more customers so that they do not need to waste their time doing the same activity every week.

How is your experience in Singapore?

Being in Singapore is a very good experience, especially because we come from very different countries.

John: I just arrived in Singapore a few days back. I’m still getting used to the city, and I’m amazed by the beauty of the city. I go to different places and I see everything is clean and organized. For me, my main focus would be to understand what is the mentality of our customers or potential customers, because that is how we want to solve problems. If I manage to understand how the problems are happening, maybe I will be able to solve them.

However, the one thing that we have really discovered and that trails to our business are that Singaporeans love food, and that is what we are dealing with. So the response that we get from the people – the caterers, the corporates – everyone is so much looking forward to being recommended all sorts of food because that is what everyone likes.

I really think Singapore is the perfect place for us. We are a very diverse team, four different people from four different nationalities. I think what defines Singapore is diversity. People from everywhere with different talent coming over. So I think that’s just the perfect place for us.

Since we arrived in Singapore, even though we are of different nationalities, the reception has been amazing. From incorporation to actually getting orders, it’s been amazing. We also have a lot of people that want to partner with us. And of course, BLOCK71 saw us in our first incubator pitch, and they gave us a warm welcome to Singapore with access to great people to talk to about our ideas. 

Team WYZchef at InnovFest Unbound 2019

How can the community help?

If you are an HR manager, an admin of a corporation, or an events manager, we are looking forward to hearing from you. The next time you order food for your office, choose WYZ-ly.

To order from us, you can check our website at Or, if you are close to BLOCK71, please visit us.

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