Community Feature – Tueetor

In this week’s Community Feature, we speak to Tueetor’s CEO’s, Tan Han Sing. Tueetor is a self-serve, fully-automated, location-based EdTech platform.

What is Tueetor?

We are basically a self-serve, location-based, ed-tech platform that connects learners and trainers. We do that for the purpose of lowering the cost of education to help low-income families. For example, find affordable education, and to increase employment opportunities. In general, to make education more affordable and accessible.

How does it work?

It is like your AirBnB for example. Instead of accommodations, you see trainers, and a student who wants to learn something just needs to post the subject matter that they are interested in and our platform will intelligently match them together.

On average, on our platform, you get courses up to 60% cheaper than the other courses you find in the marketplace, sometimes even up to 80%. People do not really just teach to make a living. Sometimes, it is really for the passion – that they love this subject so much that they just want to share it. If we can allow them to put zero dollars, they will definitely put zero. 

How does Tueetor monetise?

We offer a premium subscription option called T.Pak that provides our trainers with a suite of platform features and membership benefits.

What is next for Tueetor?

We are right now, including Singapore, in 4 countries. We intend to go to another 11 countries after this. Country expansion is one thing, there is also product expansion (yes, we are doing more). In fact, we have just launched Coursaver. We have been successfully helping users save on tuition costs, save on whatever training cost – from tennis, to yoga, to baking – everything that we can think of. Using the Coursaver feature now, you can purchase courses on our platform with 3 guarantees – lowest price, free cancellation, and instant confirmation. In a way, we are just like the of education courses and workshops. 

How can we help?

Now, if you are interested to be a course provider, an instructor, a trainer, or a coach on our platform, on any subject that you can possibly think of, just come onto our platform. If you are good at that (subject), just teach and who knows, you can make a good living whether it is a supplement income or main income. Alternatively, you may use the platform to purchase a course or workshop to upgrade yourself, or learn a new skill! Just give the platform a try.

Our website is You can also find it on both the App Store and the Play Store.

Watch the full video interview with Tueetor here:

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