New Startups at BLOCK71 (Oct 2019)

Tech Startups Singapore

Meet 5 of our newly #incubatedatBLOCK71 start-ups who are helping consumers and businesses make smarter decisions in the food industry, sustainability, and redefining customer journeys using data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Here’s a list of who’s new on the BLOCK71:

  1. Lifevitae
  2. Seacrux 
  3. Onsophic 
  4. Wyz Chef 
  5. Xhebit 

View the full list of members here: BLOCK71 Incubatees


LifeVitae is the platform for you to curate and tell your life story

Founder: Priya Sengupta 

LifeVitae is an AI-powered resume companion ideal for students, mid-career professionals, and professionals returning to the workforce. It encompasses not just the educational qualifications, but also the skills, passions, and strengths, of an individual. LifeVitae recommends personalised resources (books, courses, and coaches) to users based on their strength profile as well.

Why BLOCK71? 

“We wanted to build connections quickly. In the very first month of being in the BLOCK71 Incubator Programme, we were invited to Indonesia to participate in the UGM-Career Days event, thanks to Sazali, Amanda, and Agustine. We look forward to collaborating with other BLOCK71 start-ups over time.”

Priya Sengupta 
CEO and founder of LifeVitae 


Seacrux is Singapore based Vision targeting ad tech start-up focusing on image recognition and fashion styles

Founder & CEO: Brian S. Bae

Countless new online articles with stylish images are created every day and such online articles are viewed 25 billion times per month in South East Asia. The more stylish image in the article is, the more the reader is inclined to check out similar fashion products from his/her favorite eCommerce online shops. And with just one click, if possible. StyleCrush is tapping on this moment of visual aspirations by leveraging AI image recognition to real-time analyze the styles in the article image

Why BLOCK71? 

“Running & working in a start-up may look cool from outside but it is actually a hard journey to keep up the commitment, passion, and optimism. At BLOCK71, we’re a member of an amazing community and having a shelter for us to build camaraderie and to share the influence is great! Being at BLOCK71 is an exciting opportunity as we get to meet other startups, founders and visitors from all around the world.”

Brian S. Bae
CEO and founder of Seacrux


Onsophic’s analytics platform is the fastest solution for enhancing workforce skills and to transform employees into promoters of change

Founders: Tom Pennings & Ian Hart 


Onsophic is an analytics platform for enterprises to upskill employees up to 4 times faster than traditional solutions. Using workforce performance data the tool provides an automated coach for every team member, and leadership dashboards for effective management and communication. Onsophic is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with successful deployments in banking, insurance and HR consultancy.

Why BLOCK71? 

“Onsophic initially joined BLOCK71 in San Francisco for early ASEAN market research and business development. After the move to Singapore in Q2 of 2019, BLOCK71 proved to be the ideal place to connect with the local startup ecosystem, potential corporate partners and future capital. Being part of the community helps with meeting like minded individuals, future talent and provides an understanding of the local culture and needs through numerous informational sessions. As a foreign startup it’s quite possibly one of the best first steps towards doing business in the region.”

Tom Pennings,
President, Onsophic Inc

Wyz Chef

WYZchef is an online B2B catering platform

Founders: Nilo Quiroz, Carole Martinez, Vaibhav Garg & John Villon

WYZchef is a one-stop food solution for offices. It is an online data-driven platform that enables office administrators to order food for the office quickly by offering them a personalised solution. WYZchef simplifies the ordering process and offers a wide choice of vendors: caterers, restaurants and pantry suppliers. 

Why BLOCK71? 

“We were seeking for a stimulating and dynamic environment where we could build connections. BLOCK71 was the right place for that: we quickly blended in this entrepreneurial community and met many start-up founders.”  

Nilo Quiroz
CEO and co-founder of WYZchef.


Helping events achieve environmental responsibility through knowledge, resources and a curated marketplace

Founder: Dr. Nanthinee Jevanandam

xhebit, Singapore’s one-stop platform for Sustainable Event Planning, was launched in 2017 with the objective to help the events industry transition to environmentally responsible events. This is accomplished in 3 ways: 1. event planning guide, studies to help event organisers make informed decisions, and 3. a curated marketplace to help organisers select trustworthy sustainable products and services.  

Why BLOCK71? 

“Being part of a community has helped us connect with, and more importantly learn from other startups. It’s also a great place for networking beyond our own circle – we have met potential clients and partners we did not originally have any links to.”

Dr. Nanthinee Jevanandam
CEO and founder of xhebit

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