President of the Republic of Singapore Madam Halimah Yacob visits BLOCK71 Yogyakarta

BLOCK71 Yogyakarta Wefie

Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore, paid a visit to BLOCK71 Yogyakarta this morning. She was also accompanied by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth; Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development; Member of Parliament Ms Jessica Tan, Mr Ang Wei Neng and Mr Saktiandi Bin Supaat; Mr Anil Kumar Nayar, Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia; and Mr Ngurah Swajaya, Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore.

This was part of a 4-day State Visit to Indonesia to strengthen bilateral ties and areas of potential business collaborations between the two countries.

The delegation was hosted at BLOCK71 Yogyakarta by Ms Dawn Ng, Director of Ecosystem Development (Incubation) at NUS Enterprise and Mr Axton Salim, Executive Director of Salim Group.

Three BLOCK71-supported Founders also presented their technology solutions impacting Indonesia:

  • 1. Mr Fairoz Ahmad of Chapter W, an organisation running a tech platform focusing on promoting greater financial inclusion for Indonesians via joint purchases and group savings. Fairoz is also a National University of Singapore alumni.
  • 2. Ms Lintang Wuriantari of Matchamu, a manufacturer of healthier instant powdered drinks in Indonesia.
  • 3. Mr Aryo Wiryawan of Indmira, a technology based company conducting research and development on agrocomplex (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries) and environmental rehabilitation.

The President was also hosted for a guided tour around the facility to meet with other incubated technology start-ups.

  • 1.  Amalan restructures and refinances consumer loans for borrowers that find it difficult to pay their monthly installments. Amalan helps people who can no longer afford to fulfill monthly payments to their banks. Amalan works for the borrower with their lenders to find a solution that is affordable to the borrower and acceptable to all parties involved. 
  • 2. Wideboard is a productivity app in the form of a team messenger that helps people to connect and unifies team communications, making collaboration a lot simpler and better. Wideboard seeks to minimise time use and maximise productivity of the user. It is designed to bring teams together and facilitate collaboration through sharing of ideas and discussions.
  • 3. Delokal is a booking platform to get tourism activities packages in villages. Not only as a platform that ease the tourist to find the tourism activities, Delokal also provides a management system for village tourism boards to manage the development of the tourist area by using community based ecotourism principle. 
  • 4. Bukasuara is a community-based perspectives media startup which aims to deliver people’s thoughts to provide a wide-range of knowledge, insights, and ideas. Bukasuara as media has wide-range of topics since it is media perspective and utilizes micro-influencers to generate content. Bukasuara is also a consulting company that has numerous people with quite impressive capacity. Also, Bukasuara has the tech as a catalyst to solving this kind of problem.
  • 5. is a sharia compliant crowdfunding platform in the livestock industry that helps small medium farmers connect to investors in big cities. Their vision is to create a social impact fintech platform that really helps farmers find halal capital and provide sharia investment option to investors. Currently, is also developing an IoT system to automate and integrate livestock management.

About BLOCK71 Yogyakarta

BLOCK71 Yogyakarta, a tech ecosystem builder and global connector by NUS Enterprise and Indonesian conglomerate Salim Group, was launched on 25 October 2018 (the same day as BLOCK71 Bandung) by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. BLOCK71 Yogyakarta is the gateway to a 300,000+ strong city of students from four state universities and 16 private universities.

Since its launch, BLOCK71 Yogyakarta has incubated almost 28 start-ups from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, collaborated with 5 universities and partnered with various corporates and local government agencies for our programmes in the Yogyakarta area.

In building the tech ecosystem in Yogyakarta, BLOCK71 Yogyakarta has also organised and hosted over 100 tech events and visits to its space; and served as the hub for other local and regional ecosystem players such as university start-up incubators for engagement to bolster the Yogyakarta start-up scene.