Fintech Startups That We Love

Meet 6 of NUS Enterprise’s FinTech start-ups who are helping consumers and businesses make smarter decisions about their money by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive algorithms. These start-ups might still be in the infancy stage, but some are already making headway with government agencies and large corporates!

Here’s the list of NUS Enterprise’s FinTech startups:

  1. Autowealth
  2. AN
  3. 360Kompany AG
  4. Split
  5. ReadyTech
  6. Coinut

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Autowealth – A Robo-advisor

Robo Advisor in Singapore

Founders: Ow Tai Zhi, Noel Lee

AutoWealth is one of the earliest and most established robo-advisory platform in Southeast Asia. In just 41 months, its automated investment algorithm has achieved 23.6% cumulative returns net of fees on a globally diversified portfolio of 60% stocks / 40% gov. bonds. The returns outperformed all comparable unit trusts available in Singapore over the same period. Since opening the platform to retail investors 2 years ago, its services are loved by thousands of clients in the region and has been entrusted with tens of millions in AUM. Launched 4 months ago, Autowealth’s B2B2C pension scheme has also received commitments from 2 MNCs of Fortune 500 fame. AutoWealth has also received an in-principle approval from Securities Commission pending fulfilment of capital requirements.

AN – A FinTech Startup that enables seniors to age with dignity

Jonathan Teoh, CEO of AN

Founder and CEO: Jonathan Teoh

AN’s business concept centres around a sustainable property monetisation model, which enables seniors to unlock the value of their private properties by authorising institutional investors to purchase a portion of their home equity. This provides the seniors with a peace of mind of a guaranteed annuity and term payouts to supplement their retirement savings while retaining their full rights to continue living in the comfort of their own homes for life.

AN believes that there is a need for this in Singapore as it is home to many ‘asset-rich-cash-poor’ seniors whose wealth is tied up in property and CPF. Few options exist for those who own and live in private properties such as condominiums and landed homes because they are unable to qualify for government subsidies, and existing schemes such as sub-letting and downsizing may not be an ideal solution for all households. Meanwhile, equity release products that are currently available in the market have not been popular as they are often viewed as complicated and restrictive. Therefore, this FinTech start-up aims to use technology as an enabler to help seniors increase their quality of life.

Why BLOCK71?

“BLOCK71’s highly collaborative ecosystem has provided us many opportunities. We were able to participate at Innovfest Unbound, connect with fantastic mentors with banking backgrounds and tap into NUS Enterprise’s diverse network of academia, consultants and vendors. It takes a village to raise a startup and future entrepreneurs would do well to consider BLOCK71 as their preferred environment to thrive and grow.”

Jonathan Teoh
CEO and founder of AN

360Kompany AG – A Regtech start-up

Kompany, an Austrian’s start-up, Management Team

Founders: Russell Perry & Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

kompany operates a global live network to commercial and banking registers. kompany’s Business KYC (KYB) solution provides audit-proof company information, including documentary evidence, from private government sources in real-time, meeting AMLD4, MiFIDII and forthcoming AMLD5 regulatory requirements. kompany today covers information on more than 100 million companies from 150+ jurisdictions.

The process is powered by AI and robotic process automation and can be used via a web interface and an API. To date, kompany has served 50 000 businesses from 115+ countries including banking groups, Eurozone central banks, accounting firms, commercial domain registrars, and law firms.

Why BLOCK71?

“kompany is fully-aligned with the objectives of NUS Enterprise and BLOCK71 as an ecosystem builder and global connector, which is  spearheading new initiatives, and providing mentorship and growth opportunities to kompany in Singapore and Asia.”

Digby Ross
Business Development Director, Asia Pacific

Split – A FinTech start-up that splits up your travel bills

Vish and Dylan, Founders of Split

Founders: Dylan and Vish

Travelers are missing out on a lot of the world with the upfront cost being the biggest hurdle. Split makes travel more accessible by allowing any travel company to offer its customers the choice of paying in installments directly on the payment page.

Travelers who pay in installments tend to book more, book more often and remain loyal to the companies they book from. Split handles the technology, repayment and customer service so travel companies can focus on what they do best – creating great experiences for their travelers.

Why BLOCK71?

“We believe that being surrounded by great founders and their startups would inspire us to move faster, work harder and get things done. BLOCK71 also has a track record of nurturing great companies so it is incredibly humbling to be based in the same space where they emerged from.”

Dylan Tan
CEO and co-founder – A FinTech startup that helps with travel money management

Victor Yip, Edward Leung and Cynthia Cheung, Founders of

Founders: Victor Yip, Edward Leung & Cynthia Cheung
Website: strives to be a financially inclusive institution that mobilise millennials to travel the world. We are rethinking how retail banking and travel money management can take on a new, and more efficient form to deliver the services.  We offer travel money management services such as a financial entry point to the millennials, bringing elements of banking into travel related verticals to better attract youthful and targeted clients for banks. crafts digital applications and physical fully automated store-fronts to showcase how banking can be part of the fun travelling experience.

Why BLOCK71?

“BLOCK71 has been our Singaporean family, an anchor for our team whenever we are in the ASEAN region. The BLOCK71 team has gone over and beyond to cultivate a vibrant community with insightful events and invaluable opportunities for us to learn and thrive. We are grateful to contribute to various community events and discussions to further the fintech and travel tech industries, as well as utilising their network and platform to connect with like-minded founders, partners, and investors in Singapore and beyond.”

Cynthia Cheung

Coinut – A cryptocurrency exchange platform

Coinut, a crpyocurrency exchange based in Singapore

Founders: Wang Xinxi and Huang Tao

COINUT (COIN Ultimate Trading) is the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to make it easier, faster & most secure for anyone to trade cryptocurrencies. We ensure the utmost security by storing cryptocurrencies in our encrypted offline storage and processing every transaction semi-manually. Our user-friendly interface, available on iOS & Andriod, lets you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin with great ease and assurance. Our low transaction fees and fast trading engine guarantees a seamless trading experience. Founded in 2013, by one of the core developers of Litecoin, the COINUT team is comprised of leading experts in Computer Science and Finance, and we are one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges in Singapore. We are currently headquartered in Singapore and Toronto, and actively looking to expand globally.

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