Entrepreneur Feature – Threatspan

In this week’s Entrepreneur Feature, we speak to Leon Yen from Threatspan, a start-up that manages cyber risk for the shipping and maritime industry.

Team Threatspan

Left: Leon Yen | Right: Sami Jawhar

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Leon Yen, I’m the founder and CEO of Threatspan. We provide maritime cybersecurity solutions as well as cyber risk management for shipping and maritime enterprises.

What is Threatspan’s secret sauce?

Threatspan’s secret sauce is a solution that covers all facets of maritime cyber risk. It is not just cybersecurity but also testing as well as cyber risk management. In addition, we also perform user cyber hygiene training and all of these gets surfaced into our cyber risk management platform.

What’s next for Threatspan?

Threatspan started with enabling shipping and maritime enterprises to improve their cybersecurity posture. Next we are looking at providing a more comprehensive cyber risk management solution. We want to cover all facets of cyber risk, not just in terms of cyber threats like cyber attacks but also on the compliance side. This will really allow shipping and maritime enterprises to improve the results of their businesses.

What are some of the challenges you face in your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Some of the challenges that Threatspan has faced as a startup is primarily due to the fact that we are in the cybersecurity space. Cybersecurity is a very sensitive subject for many companies. This is even more so in the shipping and maritime industry, being a very traditional industry. This has been doubly challenging for us. However, what we found is that in a lot of aspects, cybersecurity is at the forefront of everyone’s concerns. This has made it easier for us to address the challenges.

How did Threatspan get connected to BLOCK71?

Threatspan got connected to BLOCK71 Singapore through PIER71. Our programme with PIER71 has just ended and since we are focusing on APAC, it makes sense for us to run our operations here in Singapore. While we started in Rotterdam, Threatspan will be relocating here to BLOCK71 Singapore.

About Pier71:

Threatspan was a finalist in the Pier71 Smart Port Challenge and participated in the Accelerate program between 27th September 2018 – 28th November 2018. Out of 122 entries, 17 finalists were chosen—Threatspan was honored to be one of them The program consisted of mentorship, intensive validation and market discovery based on the Lean Launch methodology.

How can we help?

Threatspan is looking for partners – both strategic alliance and pilot partners. Strategic alliances can help us to increase our reach into the shipping and maritime industry. At the same time, pilot partners will allow us to get a better product-market fit. For potential partners, please reach out to us at info@threatspan.com.

Watch the full video interview with Leon Yen From Threatspan here:

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