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In this week’s Entrepreneur Feature, we speak to Gary Gan from JobKred, a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to help companies quickly and accurately find the right hires to accelerate their business growth.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Gary, co-founder and CEO of JobKred. What we did is create a career development platform that uses AI to guide people in the future of work. Specifically, we provide digital career guidance, skills gap analysis and training recommendations. We work with the Singapore government, schools like NUS, and enterprises like DHL, NEC, etc.

What is JobKred’s secret sauce?

Our secret sauce is in our AI engine. What we did to train the AI engine is to crawl real-time labour market information. For example, from job boards, resume sites, and government sites. This helps the AI to understand the current demand for skills and jobs in the labour market today. With all this information, we’re able to effectively guide students to the careers of the future, able to effectively guide employees to the skills that they should develop for the company’s future direction and within the company as well.

What’s next for JobKred?

What’s next for us is to improve on where we are today. We have been bootstrapped for the last few years and we’ve done well in terms of building a good customer base, we are cashflow positive, growing fast. In fact, we’ve doubled our headcount this year. So the next step is for us to look at international expansion into Southeast Asia, USA, China, and Europe.

What are some of the challenges you face in your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Everyday is a greatest challenge. Every single day there is a burning issue to solve. It could be product crashes, clients giving feedback about not being happy with something, employees leaving, running out of cash. The problem is, I don’t even know what exactly is the challenge. The biggest challenge is how do you navigate these challenges everyday. How do you have the fortitude or the attitude or the resources to navigate these challenges everyday? I think that is the right approach to look at it and expect the challenges to mount up. At our stage, we’re past the market fit problem, but we run into the challenge of expansion. You run into challenges of how do you manage your team to be able to scale, to meet these expansion challenges. At the end of the day, it’s about how you are able to personally solve as many challenges as possible in the least amount of time, with the least resources.

What are of your best memories at BLOCK71?

With us, we started with NUS Enterprise since day 1 of our company. For three years we’ve been incubated at NUS Enterprise. The best memory is to see how we grew with NUS Enterprise. We started out in a small room on the other side. Now we expanded here, I see more NUS Enterprise staff joining us as well. It’s interesting to see how we have grown together these past three years.

How can we help?

For us, looking for people who believe in helping either employees or students to navigate the future of work. Even countries or governments who want to help their citizens be prepared for the future of work. For example, employers who want to help provide digital skills training and career guidance to their employees, or schools who want to make sure their students are ready with the right skills for the employers who are looking for their skills in the future. These are the partners we are looking for to utilise our services and technologies to improve the career outcomes of their employees and their students. The easiest way to reach us is through our website at www.jobkred.com. You can also reach out to me directly through gary@jobkred.com as well.

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