Community Feature – Symphony Creative Solutions’ Kay

In this week’s Community Feature, we speak to Kay from Symphony Creative Solutions, a digital solutions firm for the shipping and logistics industry.

Kopi with Kay, Community Manager at Symphony Creative Solutions

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Kay, the community manager at Symphony Creative Solutions (SCS). SCS is a digital solutions firm and we come up with solutions that actually make the shipping and logistics industry smoother and processes faster. So particularly for myself, I try very hard to bridge the gap between startups as well as the big corporates because the big corporates are like massive and old but you can’t reach them so startups who wish to speak to these corporations can actually approach me.

2. How is SCS different from other maritime companies?

Team at SCS
Symphony Creative Solutions Team

SCS is very largely like a startup and we are a lot more agile than those big companies. Big companies, it takes a lot of red tape for processes to actually get approved. But because SCS is smaller, we are able to implement all these solutions. And what sets us apart is also because we have many big corporations that we can work with, so we can actually deploy our solutions onto actual test beds and see how it can work and improve on it further.

3. What are some of the corporates that SCS has worked with?

The major corporate that we work with now is Ocean Network Express, short form ONE. They are a corporate which actually started their operations officially last April and they are going strong at the moment and they specialise in container liner shipping.

4. What’s next for SCS?

So what is next for SCS is that first off, we will begin the new year with another series of Kopi Chats. We are also thinking that this year we want to differentiate by having design thinking courses. If any of the startups want to experience design thinking and understand the industry really better, please approach me. All these will actually combinate into our innovation challenge event, which is coming up in June, Ocean of Opportunities, so please come and join. See if you can actually solve any problems in the logistics and shipping industries.

5. What are the challenges when it comes to implementing these new changes like design thinking in such an old and traditional industry like maritime?

It may be, it may be, but that’s why we are here. We actually have access to all these testbeds. We actually have people who are experienced, we know people who are in the industry. While yes it is difficult, but we can definitely take that first step into trying the solutions.

Currently, our greatest challenges are things like reaching out to the startups because there are not many startups which are interested in the shipping industry. As I said, it’s very boring, it’s very traditional, but it doesn’t mean that we are only looking for maritime startups. Startups which are interested, maybe blockchain, but they want to make a difference, they want to try this new industry, they can always approach us and we will see how we can merge the two sectors together. They don’t have to be experienced in shipping, that is what we are here for.

6. What are some your best memories at BLOCK71?

Yeah, I really enjoyed the very first Christmas party that I attended. I started my work here last year and so things were actually new to me. It was my first time joining BLOCK71’s major events. Through the event, I actually got to meet a lot of different founders, a lot of different friends here whom we end up talking, having fun together. Since then, I’ve been joining BLOCK71 events frequently and I’ve been dragging my friends, my colleagues and even friends who are not actually in this block to come and join us as well.

7. How can we help?

First and foremost, startups if you are interested, the typical way is actually to join our Ocean of Opportunities Innovation Challenge. But of course that’s not the only way. If you have any other great ideas you see a potential in it, please feel free to approach me at Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-03. Currently, Ocean of Opportunities is kind of restricted to container liner shipping. But if there are any solutions for logistics, auto logistics, various parts of shipping, please approach me. I’ll be glad to introduce the right people to you.

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