Entrepreneur Feature - Overlay Technologies

In this week’s Entrepreneur Feature, we talk to Maryam Azh from Overlay Technologies.

Maryam Azh, the founder of Overlay Technologies

1. What is Overlay Technologies and what do you do?

Overlay Technologies offers an industry aftersales market and an intelligent augmented reality diagnosis assistance and collaboration platform.

2. What is Overlay Technologies’ secret sauce?

Overlay Technologies offers an easy way for non-tech-savvy field engineers to seek and share expert knowledge within their community with our intuitive user interface and workflows.

3. What’s great about Autobahn?

Autobahn has given us great exposure to large enterprises such as Daimler. They helped us get first-hand experience with business units to find out what problems they are having and how we can solve the business problems.

4. What was your favourite moment at BLOCK71?

Startup Autobahn Hackathon Pitch Day was happening just upstairs at BLOCK71 and it was very exciting for me to see corporate executives from Daimler just next door.

5. What’s next for Overlay Technologies?

I’m really excited to announce that by the end of the year, we are launching our product in two different countries in the auto industry alone. We also have product launches scheduled for electronics as well as medical equipment aftersales.

We are fundraising to build a strong team in machine learning and computer vision to build a technology inside the product at its best. Also, we are building a great team to further develop the business at scale.

Watch the full video interview with Maryam from Overlay Technologies here:


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