Everything You Need to Know About BLOCK71 Singapore (FAQ)

Over the years, we’ve received numerous queries about BLOCK71 from interested entrepreneurs or just people looking to partner with BLOCK71. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions about BLOCK71 to hopefully give a better understanding of BLOCK71.

1. What is BLOCK71 and what does it do?

BLOCK71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies. It is an ecosystem builder and global connector which catalyses and aggregates the start-up community, as well as spearheads new initiatives and provides mentorship and growth opportunities in local and global markets.

2. Where is BLOCK71 located?

We are located at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02–01, Singapore 139951.

3. Is BLOCK71 a co-working space?

BLOCK71 is a technology-focused ecosystem builder and a global connector which catalyses and aggregates the start-up community. We offer more than a co-working space with access to global communities & market access opportunities, mentors from domain experts, university-based research capabilities, and entrepreneurship grants & funding.

4. Who can apply to incubate at BLOCK71?

Any entrepreneur can apply. There is no need to be from NUS or to be affiliated with NUS. Interested start-ups can be at any stage of growth.

5. How can people join BLOCK71?

To join the BLOCK71 ecosystem, apply on the BLOCK71 website at http://www.blk71.com/startup-runway/apply.

6. Is BLOCK71 only based in Singapore?

BLOCK71 started off in Singapore but has since expanded into other regions. Currently, BLOCK71 has branches in San FranciscoJakarta, and Suzhou.

7. What are the start-ups at BLOCK71?

Currently, we are incubating start-ups such as Park n ParcelEventnook, and Savioke just to name a few. Check out the full list of start-ups under the NUS Start-up Runway Programme here.

8. What kind of start-ups does BLOCK71 incubate?

BLOCK71 mainly focuses on start-ups in IoT, AI, fintech, hardware, and software in their earlier stages when they are still looking to take off.

9. Does BLOCK71 have foreign start-ups?

Yes, currently we are incubating start-ups at BLOCK71 that originate from overseas such as Red Dot Drone from Japan, Aptoide from Portugal and Savioke from America to name a few.

10. How long do start-ups incubate for?

Start-ups can incubate at BLOCK71 for varying periods of time. Some start-ups stay for as long as 3 years at BLOCK71.

11. Does the University invest in every company?

While the University provides grants and support for various types of start-ups, there is a criterion they must adhere to before they are eligible for the grants. For a listing of grants that the University provides and its criterion, visit the NUS Enterprise website here.

12. How can I partner with BLOCK71?

If you are a corporate, ecosystem builder, student leader, or are from any other academic institutions and are interested in partnering with us, do send us an email at singapore@block71.co and we will get back to you.

13. Where can I find a list of events at BLOCK71?

You may check the events listing on our website at http://www.blk71.com/events for updates and to register for our upcoming events.

14. I have an event, can I use the space at BLOCK71?

The event venue at BLOCK71 is open for companies to host events like workshops or seminars, provided that the events are entrepreneurial-related and beneficial to the start-up community. Do submit your request here to host an event at BLOCK71, preferably 3 weeks in advance to facilitate processing and approval.


With that, we hope we have clarified most of your queries about BLOCK71. If there is anything else you might like to know, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at singapore@block71.co. Alternatively, visit our website at https://block71.co for more details and updates on our upcoming events. For our social media channels, check us out on our FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.