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Tony from Joytu.be

In this week’s Entrepreneur Feature, we speak to Tony from joyTu.be, an interactive video platform dedicated to enhancing interactivity for businesses.


1. What is joyTu.be and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Tony from joyTu.be. JoyTu.be is an interactive video platform for business. Essentially what we do is we transform existing videos into an interactive video format so that people can get relevant information at the right time in the right context inside the video. They can also bookmark the information, share with their friends and families, and buy the product and service right from the video.

2. What is joyTu.be’s secret sauce?

It’s the same as every other start-up. We work very hard, persist and believe in what we do, and we try to adapt our product according to what the customer needs. There’s some luck as well. We managed to get support and customers at the right time.

3. What are the benefits of being part of Autobahn?

The two biggest benefits are the exposure and the chance to work with international corporations like Daimler and Jardine Cycle and Carriage. During the programme, we had a great time working with Jardine Cycle and Carriage to deploy our interactive video solution into their retail promotion for Mercedez Benz. Even after the programme, we had a lot of meetings with clients, external investors, even the Austria government agency. We had a lot of lease from the Mercedez Benz programme from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam and from different industries as well so we’re very lucky.

4. What’s next for joyTu.be?

What we’re focusing on right now is the Singaporean and Vietnamese market. We especially focus on tourism, automobile, and some part of the educational market. We are also exploring Indonesia and Malaysia, hopefully, in the next few years, we can capture that market. In 5–7 years, we would like to make joyTu.be as popular as possible so that people would demand interactive videos.

5. What is your favourite memory at BLOCK71?

My most memorable one is an accident. I almost hit my car in BLOCK71 just before a meeting. Just before the meeting, a car splashed all the water over my clothes and I went to the meeting completely wet. It’s not really loveable but it is memorable.

6. How can we help?

If you’re a business, have a video, and you want to enhance your video experience as well as measure the media marketing effectiveness of your videos, you can visit our website or you can drop us an email, we’d love to talk about it.

Watch the full video interview with Tony from joyTu.be here:


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