8 Startups Founders to Follow on Instagram

Singapore start up founders

Being a start-up founder can be tough. With endless cycles of ups and ends, it always helps to find a network of people that get you. Sliding into the DMs of some of these founders, might not warrant you a response. However, feeding on their good days may just be the motivation boost that you need.

Here are 8 start-up founders that are working it on Instagram. Follow them to get inspired on your hard days or celebrate with them on the good ones. Enjoy!

1. Annabelle Kwok (@annabellekwok)

Annabelle Kwok, CEO and co-found of NeuralBay

Annabelle is not your average kind of girl. At the age of 25, this lady boss has already founded two A.I startups, NeuralBay and Smart Cow, won a handful of hackathons and is highly sought after by big brands. Besides making headway in the A.I industry, Annabelle is also a windsurfer, a circus performer, a martial arts expert, a musician and an entrepreneur with a big heart. What can this girl not do? Her Instagram feed shows quirky snippets of her daily life, as well as her exotic travel adventures. Motivate yourself by injecting some goodness into your feed with someone who really lives life to the fullest.

2. Pocket Sun (@pocketysun)

Pocket Sun, Founder and Managing Partner of SoGal Ventures

With a trendy and vibrant Instagram feed, Pocket Sun may appear as your typical chic influencer at first glance. Except that she owns a multimillion venture capital (VC) firm, SoGal Ventures, and graced the cover of Forbes magazine at the age of 24. Her brainchild, SoGal Ventures, is the world’s first female-led millennial VC firm that aims to promote gender diversity in a male-dominated VC market. Inspiring is the new sexy. One who inspires women across the globe is definitely worth the follow on Instagram.

3. Shn Juay (@shnjuay)

Shn Juan, Co-Founder at Paktor

Shyn Juay is just who her Instagram bio says, mother of one, travel connoisseur, eco lover and the co-founder of Paktor. Paktor is a location-based online dating application that has accumulated over 5 billion swipes since its launch in 2013. Having to juggle between family and a bustling career must be tough. No fret, watch how this super mummy manages her time between work, travel and family through her lively Instagram feed.

4. Anthony Tan (@anthonytanpy)

Anthony Tan, CEO of Grab

Anthony Tan, CEO of Grab, is easily one of the most recognisable faces among startup founders in Singapore. In 2012, Tan quit his job in the family business to launch the GrabTaxi app in Malaysia, and the rest is history. Presently, the man behind the SEA’s largest ride-hailing platform boasts more than 4,500 followers on Instagram. The Insta-famous CEO owns a dynamic feed, featuring a mixture of business adventures, Grab updates and also sweet family moments.

5. Joel Leong (@joel.leong)

Joel Leong, CEO of Shopback

After working at Zalora for almost two years, Joel decided to take a chance and leave the company to start Shopback. Together with his co-founders, they saw the potential of cashback marketing in South East Asia, a business model that was not imminent in the region, at that time. Within a few years, the startup grew from 6 founders to 85 employees and Shopback currently works with more than 15,000 merchants around the region. If you want to check in on the up-and-coming startup founders on social media, don’t forget to follow @joel.leong.

6. Nyha Shree (@nyhashree)

Nyha Shree, Co-founder of Jumper.AI

Meet Nyha Shree, the co-founder of Jumper A.I, a software that enables e-commerce sales on social media platforms. Despite the current success of Jumper A.I, Nyha’s startup journey wasn’t always sweet. She went through three failed ventures and struggled for several years before her hard work paid off. Yet today, Nyra appears on Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia and her startup has engaged more than 3,000 business worldwide. If there’s something to learn from Nyha, it’s her determination and tenacity to succeed. Follow her on Instagram for updates on Jumper A.I events, job postings and moments of her everyday life.

7. Oswald Yeo (oswaldyeo)

Oswald Yeo, CEO of Glints

Another young founder who made it to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia is CEO of Glints, Oswald Yeo. When Oswald first decided to drop out of college to run a startup, hardly anyone believed he would succeed. Regardless, the 24-year-old retaliated against traditional mindsets towards education and valiantly pursued his own path. Together with two other co-founders, he created Glints, an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform. Today, Glints has over 300,000 users and raised more than $3 million in funding. Need a reminder to take a leap of faith? Time to add @oswaldyeo to your following list.

8. Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck)

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (who of course owns Instagram)

The last on our list goes to none other than the owner of Instagram itself, Mr Mark Zuckerburg. Also the Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world, Zuckerburg is basically a celebrity. With a dazzling 5 million followers on Instagram, he keeps them happy with lovely family photos, updates on new campaigns and adorable pictures of his dog, Beast. Follow @zuck to find out how the leading man of Facebook lives his life.


It’s nice to see what start-up founders do when they are not pitching, hustling or bagging that next deal. Every start-up founder have their own tribe to keep them going – whether its family, friends or fans. To keep updated with the latest tech trends – follow BLOCK71 on Instagram.

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