7 Technologies that NUS Enterprise is Testing Out Right Now

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two of the key drivers here at NUS Enterprise (the entrepreneurship arm of the National University of Singapore). Equipped with all the necessary tools they need to succeed, our start-ups are encouraged to challenge the norms and pave their own ways in their entrepreneurship journeys. Programmes such as the NUS Start-up Runway are tailor-made to ensure that start-ups feel anchored as they sail through the treacherous waves of managing and building their own successful businesses. We believe in creating a supportive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs and providing them with avenues to utilise as many resources as they need to grow their business, from incubation spaces to access to relevant industry partners… and even being a guinea pig for our start-ups! Here are seven technologies that we’re testing out right now.

1. EventNook

EventNook is a self-service web application platform, targeted to aid event organisers in setting up an event. The platform allows for many features such as the managing of registrations, ticketing, and invoicing of attendees information, streamlining the event management process for its clients.

If you’ve attended an NUS Enterprise event recently, you may have used EventNook, as it’s frequently employed as the event management platform for events at our spaces.

Read more about the founder — Kyaw’s journey here.

Eventnook — Registration & Ticketing Made Easy
Tech In Action — EventNook’s Registration Setup at BLOCK71 Singapore

2. SurePark/Innovation of things

Finding parking — especially during peak hours — is bound to be a nightmare for everyone. Enter SurePark — a web app designed to provide hassle-free parking solutions to both carpark owners and patrons alike. Their sensor-enabled systems allow for these spaces to be fully utilised and monetised effectively. Features such as indoor navigation, smart routing and even reserve parking further serve to improve the user experience.

Since their inception in 2014, SurePark has steadily been extending its reach to interested clients and government bodies. With the support of NUS Enterprise throughout their incubation stage, they have grown to form many valuable relationships. Their innovation has recently been deployed at BLOCK71’s carpark for further research and development of their products. Check out a demo below!

Surepark — Find Your Parking in Seconds
Tech In Action — Sure Park at the car park of Blk71 Ayer Rajah Crescent


Checking in has never been easier! GTRIIP, a mobile app, employs artificial intelligence and biometric features existing on smartphones to enable automated check-ins at various premises, such as hotels and offices. Their seamless solution has landed them a project with Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where they are currently working on developing their application to enable facial recognition software for room check-ins.

Back here at NUS Enterprise, GTRIIP is specially employed when accessing The Hangar by NUS EnterpriseBLOCK71 Singapore and NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park, our incubation spaces dedicated to providing a conducive environment for our start-ups to learn and grow in.

Read more about the founder — Maxim’s journey here.

GTRIIP — Hassle-free, Document-less Check ins
Tech In Action — GTRIIP at the entrance of ICE71 at Blk71 Ayer Rajah Crescent

4. Relay by Savioke

Taking the hospitality industry by storm, Savioke’s main product — Relay — is a friendly service robot that works safely, securely, and reliably in human environments. Taking on menial tasks, such as delivering room amenities to guests, helps hotels a great deal in terms of their manpower allocation.

Relay has become BLOCK71’s newest ambassador, taking her maiden trip around the premises during one of the Kopi Chat sessions and engaging with guests. Relay’s success has translated into Savioke deploying its robots into hotels in Singapore. AURA, a Relay robot, now works as a robot concierge to deliver towels or drinks to guests at the M Social Singapore Hotel. This BLOCK71 start-up has taken a step in the right direction, infusing technology into hospitality.

Akash and Matthew, developers of Relay, share about their journey here.

Savioke — Service Delivery Robot
Tech In Action — Relay by Savioke at Timbre+

5. Pigeonhole Live

Real-time, anonymous and effective; Pigeonhole Live is a mobile, conference question and answer tool. These features make Q&A sessions seamless and uninterrupted during a conference, while managing to upkeep interactivity levels with audience members.

This NUS Enterprise supported start-up has garnered strong traction from corporations such as Facebook and Shell, and even government agencies such as the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), and the Ministry of Health (Singapore).

Pigeonhole Live — Making Audience Engagement Simple
Tech In Action — Pigeonhole during BLOCK71’s Kopi Chat with Mr Teo Ser Luck

6. Xiaobai by Gowild Singapore

She is equipped with a camera which can be voice activated to take photos with little hassle and helps watch over your home for you to put you at ease while you are out and about. Aside from security, Xiaobai can also records all of your itineraries, schedules, events and intelligently remind you of them, allowing you to be worry-free. These features makes Xiaobai by Gowild Singapore a nifty receptionist when our office manager is not around.

BLOCK71 Singapore has “Coco” at the front desk, which has brought on many smiles and laughter to governmental officials, educators and other visitors with her quirky answers to their candid questions.

Xiaobai by Gowild SG — Managing Properties Through Voice Commands
Tech In Action — Xiaobai at BLOCK71 Singapore’s front desk

7. Rotimatic by Zimplistic Pte Ltd

Enjoy fresh rotis in just minutes. This smart roti maker measures, mixes, kneads and flattens so you don’t have to. Rotimatic by Zimplistic is a fully integrated solution dishes out a flat bread with just basic oil, flour and water.

This start-up born out of NUS Enterprise after 8 years of research and development pre-sold 8,000 units in just 1 week after launching a campaign on fundraising platform, Kickstarter. The team won the top prize of $40,000 in the Start-Up @Singapore Business Plan Competition in 2009. The following year, the company got its first seed funding of US$400,000 from angel investors. In 2012, Zimplistic received US$3 million from private investors and, in July last year, another US$11.5 million of funding was received from venture capital firm NSI Ventures and global engineering giant Robert Bosch GMbH.

Rotimatic by Zimplistic Pte Ltd — Making Fresh Rotis in Minutes
Tech In Action — Rotimatic at BLOCK71 Visitor’s Lounge

As a university, NUS Enterprise has a competitive advantage compared to other incubators in Singapore, in having the mass and resources to pilot the solutions and technology developed by our start-ups. With a wide audience to trial their ideas, start-ups can easily validate and get real time feedback on their products, which helps them iterate faster.

Interested in working with us to test out your solutions? Apply to join the NUS Start-up Runway here.